Trial Results & Pictures    2007
**Huckle Hill Francesco**
           aka "Cesco"
*CONFORMATION---Terrie Evans
  1st place puppy 4-6m brken

  1st place pupy 4-6m brken

* GTG  -Novice  4-6 puppy
   3rd place
**Phlow Creek **Jester Jake** 

1st place puppy broken coat

  1st place  9-12m

  2nd Place

  2nd place
**1st trial **    Farmstead Terrier Trial   May 5th
                    Norah Risley foundation terrier trial   May 6th
                    LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK
*Acela Ali**

*FLAt Race
2nd Place

*Steeple chace race
2nd Place    5th
*Steeplechase race
2nd place    6th

*Conformation--Terri Evans
1st Place 9-12m smth

*Lure Course
2nd Place 9-12m

*GTG- Novice 6-12m
3rd place

**Castle Pines *Kaysi*

1st Place  6-9m smth
3rd place BEST PUPPY

1st place  6-9m  puppy

*Ali "   with  Judge Terri Evans 
"Cesco"  with Judge Barry Wade
"Kaysi" with Judge Terri Evans
~~Yankee Trial I &  II  Glastonberry, Conneticut~~
                     May 19, &  20, 2007
Castle Pines** Kaysi**

Flat race  3rd place
Conformation     1st place - Marye Vale   19th
GTG - 5th & 2nd place Novice puppy
Lure Course   4th place   & 6th
Conformation 3rd-Cheryle Hart   20th

Huckle Hill** Francesco** aka  "CESCO"

Flat race 4-6 puppy  2nd place
steeplechace 4-6 pupp  3rd place
Conformation    1st place  Marye Vale 19th

Flat race 6-9 pup     2nd place
Steeolechase race 6-9 pup   4th pl
Conformation   6-9 pup  3rd place
                                          Cheryle Hart  20th

The Jester Jake***      19th  &  20th

Flat race 9-12pup                    2nd  place     &   2nd Pl
Steeple chase                           2nd  place     &   2nd Pl
Conformation                          2nd  place     &  2nd Pl
GTG  Novice 6-12m                  3rd  place    &  5th Pl
Lure course                                3rd   place   &  2nd Pl

Acela Ali**              19th  &   20th

Flat race                                 2nd place  &  3rd lace
Steeple chase                       2nd Place  &  3rd place
Conformation                       1st  place   &  2nd place
GTG   novice 6-12m              2nd place   &  4th place
Lure course                           2nd place  &  2nd place
Russell Rescue Trial, Scotland , CT   June 16, 2007

Plow Creek Jester "Jake"                                      
Flat Race  2nd Place
Steeple Chase   2nd Place
Conformation 2nd pl

Acela Ali
Steeple chase 6th
Conformation 3rd

Castle Pine Kaysi
GTG Novice Puppy  1st place
Conformation   3rd

Huckle Hill Francesco 

Huntington Hunt Trial, Scotland, CT   June17, 2007

Plow Creek Jester Jake
Flat Race  2nd Place
Steeple Chase   2nd Place
Conformation 2nd pl

Aclela Ali
Conformation 2nd Pl

Castle Pines "Kaysi"
GTG Open puppy    1st pl
GTG Puppy Champion   3rd Pl
Conformation 2nd Pl

Huckle Hill Francesco
Conformation 5th

Child Handler
Sal Cioto   Sat 2nd Pl  Conf.
                  GTG 1st P;
                 Sun 2nd Conf.
                  GTG 2nd
Sal   Took Reserve Best in High Points
            CONGRADULATIONS !!!!!
Liberty Bell Clasic, Downingtown, PA  August 4,& 5,2007

Jake- Conformation, 3rd
Kaysi- Conformation  1st Sat and 1st Sun.
         GTG puppy champion 4th
          Flats race 2nd Sat
          Steple chase 5th Sat and Sun 5th
          Barn hunt 4th
Cesco  Flat races 3rd SAt and 2nd Sun
            Steeple chase 3rd Sat and 2nd Sun
            GTG  2nd pl
Ali  Conformation 4th sat ans 4th Sunday
Northgate Terrier Trial, September, 1& 2, 2007

Shayla --Conformation 1st place Saturday   &  2nd pl. Sunday

Jake --Conformation 2nd pl Saturday and 1st Pl. Sunday
          GTG  1st Place
Cesco--GTG 1st pl Saturday
             Flats race 5th & Saturday
             Steeple chase 5th  Sat. & 5th Sun.
Kaysi -- Conformation 3rd Sat, &  3rd Sun
             Barn Hunt 2nd
             Flats 2nd  Sat & 5th Sunday
             Steeple Chase 5th

Child Handler Classes
                                  Salvatore Cioto  - Handling Wyle E
                                            Sat Handler  class 5th and 4th  GTG
                                            Sun Handler Class 5th  and 4th GTG

                                      A Special Thank You to Denise Decosta
                                                  Owner of Whyle E   of  Sea Dog                         

                                            Judge Sandra Ferber
       Gino Cioto -   Handling  Jester Jake
                        3th Pl on Sat and 3th pl. Sun

25th Annual JRTCA NATIONAL TRIAL   October  19, 20, & 21.2007
Havre De Grace, Maryland
Acela Ali
*Castle Pines Kaysi*
1st  Open  Bitches Smooth Under
3rd GTG novice adult

Conformation Judge
Greg Mousley

*Plow Creek Jester  Jake*
2nd pl Dogs Smooth Over
Gino & Jake.                                        W/ Judge Michelel Ward
Domenic Cioto W/ Jester Jake
Sal & Whyle E
A special thank you to Susie & Bob Mullins
of Castle Pines in Colorado
for sending Kaysi ,and all the help our way!