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Diamond Gates 
Jack Russell Puppies
     Some INFOMATION       about the puppy your buying.                               
 +  All of OUR DOGS  have been   BAER (hearing) tested normal . CERF(eyes) tested annually. Always UTD with Vaccines. Also DNA tested for  PLL (Primary Lens Lunation)
​ SCA (Spinoserebella Ataxia)
DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)

+ We take DEPOSITS of  $400. if you are  interested in reserving    a puppy  from an upcoming  litter.   This would hold your puppy.  The deposit is non-refundable unless other  arrangements are made.  All deposits are on a  first come first serve basis.
>We (Diamond Gates) reserve the right to choose first from any litter.

+ OUR PUPPIES are well socialized and litter box trained, very familiar with crates, to help with training. 
 +  READY to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.
 +  leave us COMPLETE with current vaccinations,  worming, Tales docked, dew claws  removed, Veterinary exam, w/signed heath certificate incl.  BAER  (hearing) tested, If needed first dose of  heartguard & Flea and tick prevention!!
 + Incl. 5 gen. PEDIGREE for Registration /Recording if you choose. w/JRTCA

 + IF for what ever reason you can not keep your  puppy  he/she   always has  a home with us & or we would assist in finding a  new home.
                              ~Sincerely DG

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As hard as it seems....
There comes a time when we move a terrier to a new home from any ages of an older puppy to an adult in the years to make room for some new show prospects.You are always welcome to contact to see if something could be available (we may not have posted yet) That would fit with you and your family. 
You are welcome to email anytime or Just call!.. ...
                          Thank You!

               PAST PUPPIES/ OFFSPRING      to see them click on buttons

      Dam :   DIAMOND GATES CITRINE  (Girl's Page)                                           Sire:  DIG IT ROCCO  (BOY'S's Page)                                                      
         Sire:  Quinn's Hammons Aiken                                                                                                                   Sire: Dig It Quick  
        Dam:    Diamond Gates Tanzanite                                                                                                               Dam: Little Eden Sassafras                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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        DIAMOND GATES PARADISE   (Girl's Page)                                                             Huckle Hill Fender    (Boy's Page)
      SIRE: Quinn's Hammond Aiken                                                                                              SIRE: Huckle Hill Harper
      DAM:  Diamond Gates Dior                                                                                                      DAM: Huckle Hill Jayde

              DIG IT ROCCO  (Boy's Page)                                                            DIAMON GATES DELILAH   (Girl's Page)

      SIRE:  Shelmar Double Dose                                                                                                                SIRE: Quinn's Hammond Aiken
      DAM:   Little Eden Sassafras                                                                                                                DAM:  Diamond Gates Dynamics
                                                                                                    litter will be PLL, SCA, DM Clear   
​                 DIAMOND GATES DIOR    (Girls page)                               DIAMOND GATES GRANITE (Boys page)

            Sire: Quinn's Hammond Aiken                                                   Sire: Diggin West Shuffle
           Dam: Dig It Cleopatra                                                                 Dam: Diamond Gates Tanzanite
                   DAM:     DIAMOND GATES JADE  (girl's page)                                 SIRE: DIAMOND GATES GRANITE  (boys page)                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                       Sire:   Dig It Rocco                                                                                                        Sire: Diggin" West Shuffle           
                      Dam:    Fall River Onyx                                                                                                 Dam: Diamond Gates Tanzanite                                        
       DIAMOND GATES DYNAMICS   (girls page)                                    DIAMOND GATES GRANITE   (boys page)              

           SIRE:  Little Eden Extreme                                                                                     SIRE: Diggin West Shuffle                                                            
           DAM:  Dig It Cleopatra                                                                                             DAM:  Diamond Gates Tanzanite                                            
       DIAMOND GATES MARSHA(girls page)                                     DIG IT ROCCO  (boy'sPage)              

           SIRE:  Diamond Gates Granite                                                                      SIRE:  Shelmar Double  Dose                                                    
           DAM:  Diamond Gates Dynamics                                                                   DAM:  Little Eden Sassafras                                           
                                                                                                    Litter will be PLL Clear. & SCA Clear & DM Clear
       DIAMOND GATES RUBY   (girls page)                                                      Hucklehill Fender    (Boys Page)           

           SIRE:  Diamond Gates Granite                                                                                                        SIRE:  Hucklehill Harper                                                          
           DAM:  Diamond Gates Jade                                                                                                                        DAM: HuckleHill Jayde                                         
H                     DAM:     DIAMOND GATES JADE                                                                SIRE:  Huckle Hill Fender

                                Sire: Dig It Rocco                                                                                         Sire: Huckle Harper
                               Dam: Fall River Onyx                                                                                    Dam: Huckle Hill Jayde

       DAM:    Huckle Hill  Crush   ( girls page)                                 SIRE:   Dig It  ROCCO     (boys page)                               
                Sire:   Huckle Hill Cruz                                                                                          Sire: Shelmar Double Dose
              Dam:  Seadog SAVVY                                                                                               Dam: Little Eden Sassafras               
If your looking for an out going lovable personality companion,
Would like to take walks.
 contact us for more info.

LITTERS DUE ! . see below....If you would like to reserve a pup from a litter due or a planned litter please contact us.. Also please check back often for any changes , & to see what's happening.  You are welcome to email with questions at anytime!
                                           Thank You!
      DIAMOND GATES VALOCITY  (Girl's Page)                                                     HUCKLE HILL FENDER (our boy)             
             SIRE:  Dig It Rocco                                                                                                  SIRE: Huckle Hill Harper
             DAM:  Diamond Gates Vanna                                                                                    DAM: Huckle Hill Jayde

                  DIAMOND GATES DOTTIE  (Girl's Page)                                       Huckle Hill Fender    (Boy's Page)
      SIRE: Diamond Gates Granite                                                                                         SIRE: Huckle Hill Harper
      DAM:  Dig it Cleopatra                                                                                                      DAM: Huckle Hill Jayde

litters Due late March/April
reservations closed at time 
now reserving for summer
​                 DIAMOND GATES DIOR    (Girls page)                               HUCKLE HILL FENDER (Boys page)

            Sire: Quinn's Hammond Aiken                                                   Sire: Huckle Hill Harper
           Dam: Dig It Cleopatra                                                                 Dam: Huckle Hill Jade
      DIAMOND GATES VALOCITY  (Girl's Page)                                          DIAMOND GATES KRYPTONITE (our boy)             
             SIRE:  Dig It Rocco                                                                                                  SIRE: Huckle Hill Fender
             DAM:  Diamond Gates Vanna                                                                                    DAM: Diamond Gates Ruby

      DIAMOND GATES DEANA (Girl's Page)                                          DIAMOND GATES KRYPTONITE (our boy)             
             SIRE:  Diamond Gates Granite                                                                                                  SIRE: Huckle Hill Fender
             DAM:  Diamond Gates Dior                                                                                    DAM: Diamond Gates Ruby

Pictures  of parents Posted Soon
              DIG IT ROCCO  (Boy's Page)                                                            DIAMON GATES DELILAH   (Girl's Page)

      SIRE:  Shelmar Double Dose                                                                                                                SIRE: Quinn's Hammond Aiken
      DAM:   Little Eden Sassafras                                                                                                                DAM:  Diamond Gates Dynamics
                                                                                                    litter will be PLL, SCA, DM Clear   
      Dam :   DIAMOND GATES CITRINE  (Girl's Page)                             Sire:  DIAMOND GATES KRYPTONITE  (BOY'S's Page)                                                      
         Sire:  Quinn's Hammons Aiken                                                                                                                   Sire: Huckle Hill Fender  
        Dam:    Diamond Gates Tanzanite                                                                                                               Dam: Diamond Gatea Ruby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 mom a puppies doing well 
4 pups all spoken for  see pics on FB